Thursday, June 10, 2010

BB Nite 2010@FoongYew School, Kulai

About a dozen of old boys and “girls” from the alumni managed to attend the BB Nite celebration at FoongYew School in Kulai yesterday evening. Despite being a week day, a few were able to find time to flock back to Kulai to catch up the old memory. Our first “local” captain Andrew Hiew (1965) also hailed back from Melbourne and found his old buddy Richard Teo (60’s). Can’t write much about the stage performance put up by the boys and girls other than I recalled a few politicians had pledged some money (10K?). Most of us were busy yaking about the good old days. Here are some of the updates about the alumni:

Lost and Found since 70’s

Corporate Ngan KaiMeng (promoted to “grandfather” now) - one of the ring leaders who thought us how to steal (now he said pluck) Mr Goon’s coconuts during the wee hours while camping at the English primary school in the 70’s.

Ke BaoLin(Jimmy) and Cham TowChoon(Eric) - both were drummers in 1977 who later transferred to JB’s Saint Joseph School. Look for Eric if you want “alumni” discount for TanChong’s cars.

Lost forever

Tai CheongLim (Bernard) R.I.P., according to our Captain Lee LetLong he “forgot” to wake up one morning a few months ago. A.k.a “Ah Soa” will always be remembered as one of our best buglers during the 70’s. A special “The Last Post” video was made to tribute him at

Please pass the message to those not in the email listing and hope to find time to meet again in the future……

Private T.S. Han(1975)

Special Tribute to Bernard Tai ChongLim aka Ah Soa