Saturday, April 14, 2007

Lunch with Mr. Tee and Mr. Chai

It’s a blessing to finally meet my high school physic teacher after almost 30 years. Chai Min Heng is now teaching physic at Naval Base secondary school and is also one of the pioneer BB boys in the late 50’s.

With me at the lunch are Wong Kim Siong (BB 80) and Mr. Tee (BB officer in late 70’s & 80’s) and Mrs. Tee. Both are former Math and Biology teacher at SSI and now residing in Singapore.

@ Crystal Jade Restaurant Causeway Point, Singapore

Monday, April 2, 2007

Greeting From Chai Min Heng (59's BB)

From: Chai Min Heng

I have strike a pot of gold that I have found you and it's great you are staying so close to where I locate myself for the last 25 years- Yishun.
Esp to view my photo when I was I think 11 yrs in BB uniform.
Just to add to your info, I think me and the gang-my brother, Kok Fong, Lai Shing and I think another, Kok Ngee, left BB because the Captain James Swanston Kulai for England for good and no one took over. Or, maybe we all left for sec school in Johor Bahru- those days there was no sec school in Kulai.

I am also staying nearby to you, at Transit Rd. My mobile is 96168994 and land phone 64009321.
I also go to Yishun chr church 800 am service weekly. I think you were also a prefect and had dark complexion. Keep in touch.

Greeting from 70's Officer Mr. Kam Kok Fong

Dear Han,

It was equally a great pleasure for me to meet up with you and the others during the recent
lunch "re-union" in Kulai last Saturday. I believe that people of the same age group can recognize each other much better, than the younger age group, as they grow and change so much !!! ( not an excuse for poor memory! wish I could add a few gigs to my hard disk! ).

The names you mentioned all sound very familiar, and even as we mentioned them during our
chats, I tried hard to figure how they will look like , now as adults with children etc.. Maybe in my next trip back to Kulai ( Chua Kok Wah...always wears a "crew-cut" right ? )

Greetings to all those reading in copy of this email.

After my retirement ( UMW Toyota extended my service for 3 years after the official retirement age ), I was invited to work in the Gulf Countires. The Head office is in Beirut, Lebanon. As the company has quite an international operations, I travelled quite bit between Algiers, Algeria;
Casabalanca, Morocco and of course Beirut. So if there is any delay in replying your email,
please be patient, Internet connections may be poor in some places. Best Regards to you and family,

Yours Sincerely,

Kom Kok Fong ( official document, birth Certificate dictates I used Kom instead of Kam,
either one is acceptable! )