Saturday, March 31, 2007

50's & 60's Boys and Girls Get Together

Today is the weekend before Qing Ming and some of the out-of-town folks like me were flocking back to Kulai to make our annual ritual cemetery visit to pay our respects to our loved ones who had left us.

Andrew Hiew, the 1st Kulai 2nd Captain or some said 1st truly local Captain after the “Ang Moh” also hailed back to town from Melbourne. With the help of the current officer Wee Ling, we managed to get hold of some of the late 50’s and early 60’s boys and girl(only Miss Tay) for a simple lunch get together at New Cathay Restaurant, Kulai.

I have finally met up with the two mystery boys (see previous 1959 picture), Kom Kok Wong and Chai Min Futt. Mr. Kom(not sure why is not Kam was my officer during the 70’s who cannot remember me of course! is now residing in KL but spends most of his time doing consulting work for Japanese Auto dealerships in the middle eastern countries.

K Nallusamy was busied writing his impromptu son’s wedding invitation to us at the lunch. For those who would like to gate crash, it will be held next Saturday, 7th April at 7PM @ Dewan Serbaguna, Jalan Dedap 22, Taman Johor Jaya.

The rest of the “senior” citizens are busy catching up but not sure what they had discussed! For those who want to reach them personally you may contact them directly, their contact details are below.

Till then, the court and the alumni forum is yours fellow boys and girls or whatever you would like to call yourselves now. I have accomplished some of the 50’s and 60’s mystery and shall move on to look for who is the 3rd Captain, was it Mr. Pang Sin Siew? Mr. Kom, K. Nallu or Lui, please help fill me the missing link.

Pictures are Tay Soon Moy(+607 6632429), K. Nallusamy(+6017 7841981,, Me, Lui Hai Wah ( ), Benny Chong( +60197771323, ), Chai Min Futt ( +6012 7229128, ), Chin Pok Chong(+6016 7879784), Kom Kok Fong (, +6012 6151086), Koon Lai Shing (+6012 8273456)

Sitting Ang Yiu Fei, Andrew Hiew ( , Tan Wee Ling, Jemima Lau


Thursday, March 22, 2007

Snail Mail from Jim Swanston

Mr. Jim Swanston wrote in with classic pictures from the 60's. The person in the solo picture, is young and handsome Jim 50 years ago. The rest are probably somebody's grandfathers and grandmothers by now. Any guess?
Mr. James Swanston is currently retired and living with his wife Catherine, in Bedford, United Kingdom They have 4 children and 9 grandchildren. His address is
Old Mill House,
Newton, Blossomville,
Turvey, Bedford, U.K.
Tel: +44 01234881441

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Greeting from the 1960's Captain - Andrew Hiew

from Andrew Hiew


date Mar 10, 2007 5:39 PM

subject 1 St Kulai BB

Hi Mr. Han,
My brother forwarded me your email and I was unaware that the 1st Kulai BB has now attained its 48th anniversary.
My congratulation to all current and existing members in achieving this exciting milestone. Great job to all those who have given their time and troubles in setting up a website to revive those happy old memories.
I may be able to help regarding your early photos of 1959, I believe that the group members are of the two Chai brothers whose Dad(Church memnber) owned a furniture shop opposite the Bright Cinema. Meng Heng( younger one) is on the extreme left and Meng Huat on the extreme right. The two gentlemen in the middle appear to be my former BB officers ie Ong Kok Ngee and Kam Kok Fong. All these gentlemen were former neighbours.
I have a couple of group photos in my possession taken in front of the Kulai Church(around 1964/5) when the 1st Kulai BB was revived from hibernation. In the group we had the Girls Brigade lead by the Late Ms. Agnes Richards and Joyce Lovewell. There is another taken on our comibined food fair with the then Johore Tengku Makota's wife in attendence. Could be your current Sultanah of Johore. You are welcome to have these if I find them. I shall catch up with you when I am next in Malaysia.
My best wishes to you and your members in the coming years.

Andrew Hiew
Mt. Waverley, Victoria 3149,

Sunday, March 4, 2007

50th Anniversary Celebration

After 30+ years I am glad to see all of you guys are still intact and pretty much recognizable with exception to a few individuals like Bernard Tai Chong Lim a.k.a. Ah Soa who has really shrank significantly; “Dog Bone” in Chinese not sure you guys remember and recognize him?; Tony "Frog" after 30 years still couldn't get his last name right, etc.
Mr. Pang “dyed” his hair white, is semi retired and running his motel business in Tangkak (am sure he gives good discount if you visit the Gunung Ledang area next time). Coincidently Kwok Wah also running the “Country Inn” in Kulai and has promised to have a presidential suite done up with the auctioned piece done by Wee Ling. For those did not attend the event, Wee Ling had discovered her artistic talent lately and has spent the last 2 years done up 10 pieces of mostly oil paintings auctioned off to raise fund for the Brigade. Well done Wee Ling and of course not to forget about Lee Let Long business savvy selling tactic on the auction floor.
Mr. Nallusamy and Mr. Lui are retired now and both looking fit. Mr. Tee is as youthful looking as before except he is no longer a math teacher but working for the National Park of Singapore.
Tu Kwan Yam a.k.a Ayam has blossomed over the years and so has his pocket. I was surprised that he still can’t get over with me being the culprit who caused him and a few seniors to get punished by Boon Hong. We were asked to soak in the water for couple of hours in the middle of the nite at Air Panas waterfall (1977) for wondered off to hunt “frogs” for supper!
Boon Hong now “dyed” his hair grey was the highest bidder ($3,200) of the nite and I would like to thank his continuous generosity to the brigade movement. I heard from his little sister Wee Ling that he got so emotional after meeting the old boys that he has difficulty getting to sleep the whole nite.
Ho Ha Yin came with his smart looking BB officer uniform accompanied by his Batu Pahat BB gang. In fact he wrote me a very touching note after the event. “The homecoming during the dinner was not only nolstagic but very heartwarming!!! Seeing Kok Wah, Poh Lim, Kwang Yam, Chong Lim, Boon Hong, Mr. Pang, Mr. Nallu and others was an electrifying experience also”.
Wong Yew Ming show up but left early with his wife but gotten a proxy to auction a piece of painting on his behalf. I am sure some of the boys like Poh Lim were a little disappointed with Yew Ming for not bringing his all time beauty cousin Wong Poh Choo along??
For those who felt a little left out like Richard Onn(BB 80's) & Khek Pin. I promise the next event will be more exciting as we build up the alumni participation.

50th Anniversary Celebration

Standing Clockwise: Hiew Kok Nam, Wong Ai Lee, Tu Kwan Yam, Bernard Tai Chong Lim, Tan Boon Hong, Ong Tee Chai, Mr Pang Sin Siew, Mr. K. Nallusamy, Han Tiew Siew, Ho Ha Yin, Chua Kok Wah, Ho Joo Guan(friend of BB), Tan Poh Lim, Lui Hai Hwa.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Back In Time: 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s

Back In Time: 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s